Saturday, March 29, 2008

Phillis Wheatley Elementary School

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The Phillis Wheatley Elementary School served the Treme neighborhood, on 2300 Dumaine Street, New Orleans for over 45 years. Wheatley Elementary is celebrated as architect Charles R. Colbert's most important work. Built in 1954, the school is a key example of Modern Architecture in the city. The use of large steel trusses allow the classrooms to be cantilevered over a play area. Progressive Architecture recognized the Wheatley Elementary school design in a 1955 article. The school was reviewed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and considered to be “substantially damaged” by Hurricane Katrina. The New Orleans Recovery School district has since slated the school for demolition. If the building will no longer be used as a school, perhaps it could be used as a community center or have some other purpose to serve the community.
By: Teresa Muniz


adam said...

I feel demolishing this school is very sick and sad. Its raised and made of metal and glass. Neglect made her fade,not katrina .Its an excuse to waist our tax dollars to build a new peace of junk that will only last 30 years.Is there anything we can do??

Anonymous said...

omfg the city cant be serious that school cannot be demolished its a very important part of the city i attended that school!!!!! it hurts my heart to know this...