Friday, March 28, 2008

piazza d' italia

Piazza d’ Italia was designed in 1978 by Charles Moore. The New Orleans Italian community wanted a form of recognition of the Italian influence on the city that is too often overshadowed by the French and Spanish influence. Also, the Central Business District at the time was experiencing multiple building demolitions. In response to both concerns, the piazza was conceived symbolizing revitalization and Italian culture.
The Piazza d’ Italia is an example of historic architecture developed through the lens of post modern style. It gives reference to the five classic orders, while including its own illuminated sixth. It utilizes classic Italian colors and alludes to historical Italian features. At the same time, it entertains the modernists with progressive materials and natural awareness of its urban context.
by Trevor Meeks

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FrancineStock said...

In your paper you will need to expand on why you have chosen a work which epitomizes the postmodern movement! The Piazza has a rich history. You should have no trouble finding bibliographic resources, but you could also interview Ron Filson. In addition, you will be responsible for creating a Wikipedia page for the Piazza d'Italia.