Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Julian Steinberg Residence: traditional materials modernized

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By: Stephanie Day
I will be researching the Julian Steinberg House. It was built in 1958 at 1201 Conery Street, in the Garden District of New Orleans. Architects Curtis and Davis designed the house for Mr. & Mrs. Julian Steinberg and their two children. The house appears to be one story because of its single, connecting roof plane, but it is in fact a split-level, with upper and lower floors stacked at the rear of the house, containing the bedrooms. The structure consists of light-weight steel, wood beams, and concrete, clad in brick and cypress wood. The brick provides a familiar warmth, but is applied in an unusual way, with painted white bricks interspersed, and some bricks projecting from the wall. Additionally, the clerestory windows join directly with the wood ceiling, giving the building a seamless quality.

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