Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. Henry G. Simon Residence

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By: Nicole McGlinn

I will be researching the Dr. Henry G. Simon Residence, designed by Charles R. Colbert in 1961, at 922 Octavia Street. The single family home was built for a young pediatrician, his wife, and three small children. The house consists of four pavilions which enclose all living functions and are connected by glassed-in walkways which create a series of private, yet related courtyards. The four pavilion's roof shapes were influenced by tropical huts which shed downpours using thatch and palm fronds. This house modernizes a primate concept and relates it to the surrounding New Orleans context. The design recieved an AIA merit award in 1961 for its innovate design. I am interested in the ways that the different components of indoor and outdoor space relate to one another to create unique living areas. I would also like to research the historical influences of design as a way to better understand how Colbert studied simple designs and transformed them to meet the needs of a modern society.

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