Friday, March 28, 2008

Automotive Life Insurance Co. Building: the ondulated modernism

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by Mariela Fernandez
The Automotive Life Insurance Co. Building designed by Curtis & Davis Architects on 1963 is located at 4140 Canal Street, New Orleans. This commercial building was built to celebrate the Company’s twenty-fifth anniversary. Originally place in a semi-residential area, the architects wanted to preserve the character of the neighborhood therefore the design consist of a two story building which is set back from the street. The most distinctive feature of the design is its structure consisting of concrete columns and a set of vaults built on a steel skeleton. The interior is articulated by a two-story court located in the center of the building which accommodates the reception areas. The central court on the first floor is surrounded by executive offices and meeting rooms. On the second floor the circulation route is given by a balcony which goes meandering the central court. The offices on this floor receive light from semi-circular clerestory windows. The Automotive life insurance building as well as the Davis Guest House by C & D architects are interest projects due to its curvilinear aesthetic distinguish them from the rest of the modernist buildings of its era.


mominem said...

Curtis and Davis executed a number of curvilinear designs, perhaps the most successful and well know were the now demolished Rivergate Exposition Center and Cabrini Church.

Anonymous said...

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