Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flickr instructions for student photographers

Sorry. This is dry as toast. But below is a workflow we are adopting to upload photos to our new .

PHASE ONE: Creating a data file.
1. Download midmodmap.csv and Templatemodmap.csv from Blackboard Course Documents.

2. Rename Templatemodmap.csv as Yournamemodmap.csv
3. Copy lines of data that relate to buildings you photographed from midmodmap to Yournamemodmap and save. Make sure you enter your name in the column for photographer name. You will use ths file to assist with uploading photos to Flickr and for your ultimate submission of image files to the New Orleans Virtual Archive.

PHASE TWO: Uploading photos to Flickr.
1. Download the Flickr Uploadr relevant to your OS. See:
2. Log in at
3. Using the Uploadr, upload photos in SETS, corresponding to the building name or address.
4. Image size should be at least 1024x768, but you can upload a larger file if you wish.

1. Select images (click on thumbnails and a pink border will surround selected images.)
2. descriptions: COPY line of data from Yournamemodmap.csv and PASTE into description box.
3. tags: From the description of the photo copy and paste the following in double quotes.
EX. "Chapel of the Holy Spirit" "Claude E. Hooton" "1100 Broadway St., New Orleans, LA" "Francine Stock" and geotag photos with a triple tag, ex.
geotagged geo:lat=29.941522 geo:lon=-90.123601
4. Click CREATE A SET. Name it with the building name.
5. Click UPLOAD. When upload is complete - go to Flickr.

1. Check data. Sometimes descriptions are multiplied. I do not know why this happens. But please try to keep the data clean if it does. Copy and paste clean set of data into description field if necessary.
2. Verify tag info is correct.
3. MAP photos. Go to MAP. Select photos. Enter Street address, new orleans, LA. Drag photos to proper point.
4. ORGANIZE > Sets & Collections. Place set in proper collection (housing, schools, commercial etc)

I think that's it. For now at least. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

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