Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mystery modernist building

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This photo arrived in my inbox yesterday. The owners of the photo thought that it may depict the since demolished St. Frances Cabrini School (Curtis and Davis, architects, 1956). I've seen some vintage photos of the school before, but don't remember it having a scalloped roof overhang.
There appears to be a PA system on the roof which could indicate a school.

Anyone recognize this structure?


Leigh C. said...

Looks kinda like the building across the field from Phillips-Waters schools.

Anonymous said...

That's not the school, which still exists, but could well be the church, which was demolished, and was a Davis and Curtis. I have some pictures, I can see if I have one of that elevation.

David Curtis said...

I don't recognize it as a Curtis & Davis building, but I can't rule it out, based on this photograph.

Francine Stock said...

Leigh - I checked on your lead and it's not the same building as the photo. Interesting though. Someday I'll get around to loading those pictures into my flickr.

David - Thanks for writing. I didn't recognize it either as C+D. The vaulted canopy in this photo is not nearly as elegant as known C+D samples, like the detail on this old Gus Mayer.