Thursday, July 1, 2010

Western Skies Motel

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I've been trolling around the Times-Picayune archive online and found this plan for a thoroughly modern motel for New Orleans. It was designed by Houston architect Bailey A. Swenson.

To be called 'Western Skies' the motel will have air-conditioned units, a swimming pool, helicopter field, playground for children, a swank restaurant and riding stables.

The article did not specify a location and I have been unable to find another reference. I assume it was unbuilt. But the sheer grandeur of this motor hotel speaks to the lost days of urban growth and the early days of the oil economy.

source: The Times-Picayune; 06-27-1954; Page: 78

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E.L. Malvaney said...

That's incredibly cool--what a find if it did get built! Any city directories to give clues?

Oh for the good old days when "oil economy" was a good thing.