Sunday, June 15, 2008

4940 St Roch (Lustron House)

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Thanks to Randall for bringing 4940 St. Roch to our attention. FEMA 106 comments

This is a Lustron House - one of just a handful in New Orleans.

"The Lustron House was an innovative solution to the post-WWII housing crisis. Many thought the porcelain enamel clad wonder would be the General Motors of the housing industry. Production began in 1948, but by 1950 production problems and a corruption scandal brought it to a halt. The factory was closed and the equipment sold or scrapped. All in all, only about 2,680 of these unique homes were built. Sadly, it is estimated that only 1,500 of these unique homes survive today. Each year, dozens more are lost to demolition, neglect, and unsympathetic changes and alterations." - Lustron Preservation

Apparently the owner of this Lustron house at 4940 St. Roch Avenue in Gentilly Terrace has applied for voluntary demolition. It's very difficult to fight for preservation of a structure that the owner wants to demolish. However, as this pre-fab house arrived on a truck, it could be dis-assembled rather than demolished. Perhaps the owner might be persuaded to allow someone to move the structure to another site?

Lustron Homes were designed by Carl Strandlund, a native of Sweden. These factory built homes are not native to Louisiana and our vernacular architecture. However, they are relatively rare and certainly worthy of preservation. An added caveat: the enamel-clad steel Lustron Homes are known to withstand high winds better than stick-build structures (and they provide the perfect environment for a collection of post-K IKEA furniture).

Another local Lustron in Hollygrove has been renovated and is currently on the market.

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mominem said...

Taxes on this property seems to have been delinquent in property tawes since February 2005. It appears to have been sold in the recent tax sale.

The opportunity exists for the former owner of redeem the property by paying the back taxes plus costs.

It can be saved is anyone wants it.

mominem said...


4600 Saint Roch Ave $310,000
4779 Saint Roch Ave $209,000

Karen said...

Perhaps the new owner does not know it is slated for demolition.

penny said...

Above is a Lustron hopme, for sale, in Shreveport, La., on Akard Street.