Friday, June 27, 2008

Motel de Ville (DEMOLISHED)

photo by Frank Lotz Miller, from
This motor-hotel by Charles Colbert was quite in its day. It was on Tulane Avenue and S. Cortez. It's hard to imagine that this would be a desirable location for a motel today. But when it was built in 1953, Tulane Avenue / Airline Highway was THE major corridor until the Ponchartrain Expressway was completed in 1958. Not sure when the Motel de Ville was demolished, but the when I looked for it last December.

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mominem said...

The motel was originally designed with canvas rigged in the hadnrails. That feature was never built. The Owner objected.

Colbert told us it was so the building could be maintained, and look like someone cared.

Similar to the brass rails at the Whitney Bank Building were polished every day.