Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Orleans Schools 1950-1959

Click on the map at left to view a Google map of New Orleans Schools 1950-1959.

In the 1950s the Orleans Parish School Board built 24 modern schools. The effort was spearheaded by Mrs. Jaqueline Leonhard and Charles Colbert, an architect and Tulane faculty member. Their story was chronicled in Time magazine in 1952. Many of these buildings are excellent examples of Regional Modernism at its finest. In the next few posts I will highlight some of the schools.

The Fire symbols indicate schools already demolished. The red warning symbols indicate demolition permits. Demolition list provided through comments section of Times-Picayune article 12/19/07. Requires verification from Safety and Permits.

The flag represents the 1st modern school in New Orleans.
source: A Guide to New Orleans Architecture 1699-1959 by Samuel Wilson, Jr., F.A.I.A.

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