Friday, February 22, 2008

et tu, Mahalia Jackson?

I've done so so much research on mid-century modern public schools in New Orleans in the past week, that I'm not exactly sure where I downloaded this image. But apparently, even Mahalia Jackson Elementary is slated for a "selective" demolition.


Karen said...

That is an interesting image, I swear the City woud bulldoze itself if they could make some money off it.

Can you send me an e mail?

Francine Stock said...

It's shocking, really. I've been working on collecting information and images to lecture on mid-century Modern schools in New Orleans. Only to realize there is a master plan to clear the slate. Next time I teach the course, they could ALL be gone.

I lost your earlier email - tulane webmail is horrible. Can you email me at ? Thank you!

Francine Stock said...

I found the source for the file. -