Tuesday, April 13, 2010

notes on treme

The opening montage of David Simon's Treme features a series of images of floodlines on buildings, some verging on abstraction. The final image was similar to the one above of a streamline moderne "House of the Future" on Canal Blvd. It was nearly demolished two years ago, but has since been renovated.
The closing scene of the pilot episode is set outside the on S. Liberty in Central City. This is just one of hundreds of little churches embedded in our back-of-town neighborhoods.

In this case, the church is open, but sadly many of the shotguns in the neighborhood remain shuttered. I like that Simon weaves a bit of  Central City, the Lakefront and especially modern architecture into his vision. Twentieth century architecture is all around us in New Orleans but rarely seen, especially not by the ad man or filmmaker. Thanks, Mr. Simon for noticing.

"House of the Future" August Perez, c. 1940. 6855 Canal Blvd. New Orleans LA  photo: Francine Stock 

Payne Memorial A.M.E. Church, 3306 S. Liberty Street, Central City, New Orleans, LA. photo: Francine Stock

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