Thursday, October 2, 2008

ELEMENTAL :: art opening

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I have a new body of glass work on display at the BECA Gallery this month. Three of the pieces include multi-faceted glass chains. The individual links are assembled and fused from multiple layers of small glass bricks. In and the chains are strapped to woven rubber canvas made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and stretched across a wooden frame. The rubber and glass play off each other in a pure material dialogue of tension, elasticity and rigidity. A series of continue an ongoing interest in the evolution of language and drawing and the correlations between books and walls. My art work is heavily influenced by my studies of bookmaking, architecture and philosophy. The center piece of the show, a monumental , was previously displayed at the The fused glass panel is assembled from pieces of recycled mid-century green jalousie glass. The panel is bound and suspended with sisal rope from the center beam of the gallery.

The show officially opens Saturday night from 6-9 pm in conjunction with Art for Arts' Sake. There will be a sneak preview tonight from 6-7.

BECA Gallery (map)
527 St. Joseph St. New Orleans


Leigh C. said...

Beautiful work!

FrancineStock said...

Thank you. It's been an absolute joy. I'm so happy to be back making glass again.