Tuesday, September 30, 2008

International Longshoreman's Association (ACTIVE DEMOLITION)

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"As one vitally interested in the contemporary world - one who welcomes living in the Twentieth Century and nourished the hope of contributing to it - I have independently come to the conclusion that the preservation of that which is good, be it old or new, is absolutely essential to our sanity as well as our understanding of ourselves, and to our own progress. We make a mistake if we equate old with good, but when we do find these coexisting then there is the greatest imperative to preserve the old for only by doing so can we have a sense of time and sense of place without which we have only a present, ever fleeting - which is an intolerable and unbearable state for man. When therefore, I say that the preservation of the good and the old is essential for man's sanity, I do not overstate the case."

John Lawrence, 1964

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