Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sanlin Building

, originally uploaded by . 442 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA
photographer: LeBoeuf source: Tulane School of Architecture, New Orleans Virtual Archive
I'm in the process of reviewing documentation of Modernist architecture along the and will eventually create a map of these sites. So while that is in the oven, feast your eyes on this vintage beauty. Ahhh, the Sanlin Building! One of my favorite facades in the city. While many Modernist buildings have aged in unflattering ways, the Sanlin facade is mostly intact.

The Sanlin cladding encases a Greek Revival building. Usually I am in favor of restoring building facades to their original intent. But the Sanlin is different. I tend to think of cladding as a skin, but here it's more . The clean lines and linkage of gold and silver aluminum panels also remind me of Grandpa's Timex, another mid century classic.


angie said...

i agree.

this is such a fantastic photo.

do you know what Sanlin used to be?

Cameron said...

Are you serious? I've always thought this was one of the ugliest buildings in New Orleans. I really think they need to tear off the 1960s aluminum and restore the original appearance.

nicolew said...

Sorry to be adding this comment so late. Hate that facade...tear it down. Restore the original building!